PhyloclassTalk is an open source bioinformatics platform that aims to help in phylogeography workflows. PhyloclassTalk can provide information about wealth and geographical distribution of studied species.

Blast Query Builder

A friendly user interface to compose, explore, filter and save queries against Blast results. It also contains a GenBank Browser which automatically links accession numbers from filtered Blast results to its corresponding records in GenBank, allowing to explore additional sequence data.

Territorial Builder

Geopolitical framework to build territories from scratch or templates based in globally recognized organizations (UN, FAO, ISO, etc). Includes an UI wizard for easy composition of regions of interest. Built territories includes all associated data from its parts: demonyms, synonyms, translations, etc.

Species Repository

Phyloclasstalk provides manually curated repositories of animal species (Bovine, Buffalo, Horse, Sheep and Dog) discriminated by source. Repositories are browseable through a specialized user-interface, and can be used to select your working species repositories data.


The Phyloclasstalk rule-based unsupervised classifier uses labeled data gathered from project configuration (animal species, territorial regions, sequence data) and classifies sequences. Rules can be explored by using a rule tree browser